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Why is Custom CRM Software best for your Small business 2020

Why is Custom CRM Software best for your Small business 2020

The details you can get from the CRM database is a significant resource for your organization. Obtaining real-time details with a touch of a button can help you make the right decisions at the right time. Does your CRM Software give you what you desire?

Opal CRM Solutions are quality providers of Custom CRM Software solutions that support the management and administration of your business. Custom CRM software developers can create a Custom CRM solution designed for your specific requirements. This will be coordinated with your business type, workflow, and industrial sector.

Common uses of Custom CRM:

A Customized CRM tool improves customer relationships and will boost business growth. The information contained in the client management software is spread across multiple departments.

  • Sales: Monitoring the sales activity, organize the sales portfolio, & tracking of follow-up actions.
  • Management:  Allocating leads and tasks, observing client status and follow-up activities.
  • Marketing: Target advertising Campaigns
  • Customer services:  Support tickets, client surveys
  • Accounting:  Detailed overview of inflow/outflow of finances, Client waiting for credit, creating and issuing invoices

Custom CRM features:

  • Describe and modify workflow processes, states and actions, start of notifications, approval authorizations
  • Consume any pre-existing database, like MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Built-in data validation, incomplete customer information
  • Allocate roles and user permissions in a secure environment
  • Easily create your own reports and panels
  • Automated data backups.
  • Implement workflow and business logic.
  • Easily integrates with other systems using the BPA platform

What are the benefits of custom CRM software?

  • No more error-prone spreadsheets as a database
  • Pay and use CRM segments that are unique to your business
  • Easily add new users
  • Ability to build a secure CRM system for exact business requirements
  • Elasticity to create added applications for different departments.
  • Access applications on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Support the future expansion of the business.
  • Eliminate IT license issues
Reasons Why the Call Center or BPO Industry Needs CRM Software

Reasons Why the Call Center or BPO Industry Needs CRM Software

Those who worked in the call center know how irritating and annoying it can be when you cannot get the related information when the client is holding another subscriber while waiting for service. To stay competitive and work great, you need a tool that gives you a total overview of the customer’s life cycle. Ask any customer service agent, and he/she will tell you how simultaneously numerous tasks must be completed.

To set up a strong customer relationship, you are required to automate the tasks. To focus all your energy on customer service, what could be better than customer relationship management (CRM) software? Get ahead of your competitors and offer each client the best customer service with an individual approach.

Reasons why the call center or BPO Industry Needs a CRM

1. Centralized customer information

Before starting a call, call center agents will have at their disposal all the essential customer data. Representatives will know who the customers are and what they want, based on the previous call history. This will not only make the call shorter and more productive but also allows the agent to serve the client more independently.

2. Strategic planning

Call Center CRM will offer real-time data management software that can be analyzed to optimize your organization. By monitoring data sets related to call volume, call volume, percent of sales and call revenue, etc. Managers can expand strategies to retain clients and boost sales.

3. Auto Expand Case

First, serve customers in line with the top priority. There are always cases that need immediate attention. Therefore, the software is needed that can automatically route the call to the proper customer representative. CRM software allows you to rapidly and seamlessly move calls from one operator to another.

4. Employee Assessment

A call center basically cannot afford to have employees who are lazy or do not serve clients sincerely. Using Opal CRM software, managers can track employees who work well and can manage training sessions for those who do not work.

5. Integration with other software

The integration of Opal CRM with third-party software is simple and clear-cut. This leads to better productivity and increased efficiency. Thanks to superior coordination between sales, marketing, and customer service departments, the redundant task of opening multiple systems and finding customer data has been eliminated.

Moreover, many call center companies think of OPAL CRM. The best CRM for call center due to its intuitive user interface, integration, and ease of adaptation. In the call center / BPO, each and every call/customer is valuable. Investing in OPAL CRM software is worth every penny spent.

5 Ways CRM in BPO Industry Would Help Your Business

5 Ways CRM in BPO Industry Would Help Your Business

The business process outsourcing industry is one of the most rapidly expanding industries across the globe. Businesses usually outsource secondary functions like customer support to data administration. One of the major benefits of using BPO services includes cost-cutting thereby concentrating on core business functions. CRM software immensely helps BPO to properly manage the interactions with clients, customers, and sales representatives. Be it back office or front office, a CRM Software for BPO Industry helps streamline all business functions with ease.

Better handle the interactions between the clients and customers:

CRM is one best tool to track all customer data right from the time the lead gets in touch with the company. 360degree comprehensive data helps the sales team to make strategic interaction with the leads and effectively manage them throughout the life cycle. With complete data in hand, it becomes very easy to interact with the clients as well.


BPO, by all means, is set up to provide cost-benefit. CRM helps in reducing the overall operational costs. It can be maintained as an all in one tool for sales, marketing, and management team.

Better Customer Experience:

How well we know our customer’s preference is the key to close any sale. With effective timelines, precise information and personalized touch bring greater customer experience. Greater brand loyalty comes with data management and efficiency fostering.

Greater efficiency and productivity:

A BPO deals with customer data day in day out. Using efficient CRM Software for BPO Industry, call center agents can easily track the incoming customers, create followups and close the deals. Managers will have control over routing the leads to agents and track their productivity and quality.  

Detailed reports:

Strategic decisions are a key part of any business. How well our marketing strategy works, how is the product/service perceived by the customer, how efficient the team is functioning, etc are very important factors to make Strategic Business decisions. Apart from the above CRM also gives reports on the incoming volumes, customer history, timeline, and revenue, etc.

To conclude CRM plays as a major tool to handle end to end processes of BPO. Most importantly it helps in driving more sales and customer satisfaction making it essential enough to run a successful BPO. OPAL a perfect CRM Software for BPO Industry. Do check out our website for more details.



The globalization and market liberalization factors have resulted in better business competition and customer demands. Various organizations have moved towards technology-oriented software such as CRM software to achieve their business tasks more professionally. CRM software enables a business to amplify productivity, performance and keeps the business costs down. Today, we are going to share some valuable information with you to help you select the right CRM for the better management of your business.

Understanding your CRM requirements:

Choosing the correct business CRM needs research and the know-how of what you need. Before choosing any CRM software, consider asking yourself these questions:

  1. Does your company need client management software?
  2. What necessities does your sales operation need?
  3. How significant is it to connect with the social media platforms?
  4. What are the must-have features in CRM?

CRM usability
If this is the first time that you are going to use a CRM Software for your business, you should choose one that provides many helpful features along with an easy to use interface. CRM usability plays an important role in user adoption. Take a wide view of usability when considering any CRM system for your business.
Integration facility

If you are using different tools for advertising and sales use, then you may wish to connect them with your CRM software. In this case, a business should look for a CRM that provides integration ability with different online portals (e. g. social media channels). There are many CRM applications in the marketplace that offer good inbound marketing features.

So, these were some of the tips we consider will help any company owner inefficiently adopting CRM software. Are you already using a CRM software or CRM App for your company? How is your experience so far? If you are not currently a CRM user, why not check out CRM from designed for small business? For more information about CRM Software

6 Best Uses for CRM Software

6 Best Uses for CRM Software

If you have a business that interacts with customers beyond the initial sale, then you need software for managing contacts. The good news? There are tons of reasonable solutions available to make organizing this aspect of your business a lot simple. But Customer Relation Management is about more than amassing the names and email addresses of everybody you interact with. Here are six best uses for CRM software.

Customer Tracking
In order to find out what customers are buying, how much they’re buying, and how recurrently, you’ll need the best tracking system. This is one of the main use of CRM software.
CRM software plays a vital role in bringing special programs together to seamlessly interact and offer you with an intuitive, fluid system. In addition to many data migrations and download options, many CRM providers are able to integrate with Google applications (such as Gmail, Contacts, Maps, and Drive, etc.), Constant Contact, MailChimp, eCommerce platforms, Helpdesk software, Accounting Software, and countless others.
Customer Feedback
CRM software offers great Options to make monitoring reviews and your social media pages a lot easier.
Sales Tracking
CRM software gives you the capability to follow the phase each sale is across your team. You can give importance to sales by opportunity and manage all aspects. Opal CRM provides real-time pipeline management to give you the updated information, as well as management Softwares to help you assign leads to your sales team.
Task Management
Use your CRM to direct everything from individual tasks to business deals, meetings, and more. Sync the CRM software with your calendar, create and assign new Leads, and link products and tasks with particular contacts.
Document Management
CRM software can be used to assemble, organize, and share documents; as well as track which documents have been sent to which user, or employee, or client.
There are many best CRM software providers and reliability programs offered that can fit the needs of your company. I encourage you to research CRM software reviews to learn more about each of these programs.