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Price and product are no longer the primary reason why a customer does business with you. It is Customer experience which stands out to any other factor today. No wonder why 97% of global consumers consider customer service as an important aspect for their brand choice and loyalty.

With increasing expectations of the customer towards great Customer experience, you need to go above and beyond the expectations. How do we do that? CRM is the solution- it helps in understanding their specific situations, keeping in touch with them, listening to their needs and providing quick and attentive support.

Let us have a brief understanding about each point in specific as to how CRM can improve the Customer Service

Identifying your customers

We often imply customer serviceto current customers, but it is not just limited to current customers but also to prospects, leads, and everyone else who is interested or enquired about your business.

CRM tool equipped with all the appropriate data about the leads and their conversations lets the sales team identify the correct lead for a given point of time. Better the knowledge better can we sever the customer’s needs.

Offering attentive customer support

CRM software helps to ensure that no customer inquiry is lost. All the requests are logged into a central system that can be accessed on any device, computer, tab or mobile.

Appropriate acknowledgement to customers ensures that their inquire has reached correct place.A bad customer service due to misplaced information can destroy your business image, putting more strain on your marketing budget to attract more customers. On the other hand, good customer service can save relationships. 

Responding quickly

In today’s world, Time is money and there is no room for delay. With huge competition around we cannot miss out providing prompt response. CRM software with ready to use email templates allows the companies to send quick responses to customers. The agents can answer the most frequently asked questions quickly using the templates.

CRM software ensuresprompt and consistence responses to all customers queries.

Satisfying customers needs

In order to win the heart of customers, we need to proactively offer them relevant product or service. CRM software equipped with complete data and reports;one can easily tell what a customer wants. We can have a clear picture of thesolution our team has provided in the past and if the customers liked it or not. CRM helps in speeding up your communication with customers.

You need not be in the office always to stay connected with customers, with mobile CRM one can interact with customers even on go.


Bad customer service kills conversions, good customer experience builds relationship. CRM helps to create a 360-degree view of your customer. It aids in personalized communication, timely and relevant service to your customers and no query goes unanswered. Make your customer happy and so do your businesses flourish with CRM software. Try OPAL CRM today and improve your customer service.