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Check out the features of OPAL CRM that can help you  manage your leads pipeline

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Streamline your sales processes by tracking leads, activities and other extendable organization’s needs

Lead Capture

  • Capture Leads from Website Forms

  • Upload leads from your offline events

  • Add a lead with the click of a button

  • Add leads from your marketing campaigns

Team Management

  • Manage your sales representatives.
  • Assign role permissions to sales reps, Managers and Admins
  • Track Sales Representative’s work every day.

Tour Planning

  • Plan your field sales tours
  • Approve tour plans submitted by your sales representatives
  • Track all your tour plans
  • Track all your tour plan expenses

Lead Engagement

  • Interaction with the leads is the key to conversion.
  • Plan your activities diligently.
  • Keep track of every call, email, and meeting with your client.

Quotation Managment

  • Keep track of all your financial sales closures.
  • Send Quotations to customers right from OPAL CRM.
  • All Quotations go through a workflow process.

Track Sales Performance

  • Track sales performance by assigning points/rewards
  • Motivate your sales teams to reach their quarterly, half-yearly and annual goals
  • Reward the Top Performer with performance-based incentives

Lead Management

  • Add/Edit/Drop a Lead
  • Move the leads across different stages
  • Assign leads to different sales reps
  • With One-click, assign multiple leads


  • Get detailed insights about your leads.
  • Detailed Reports that help you with lead conversion and lead life cycle management .
  • Make informed decisions.

Re-engage leads

  • Re-engage leads with appropriate offers/discounts.
  • Be ready to capture every opportunity.
  • Get a detailed audit trail for each lead. Never miss a detail.

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Terms and Conditions

Opal-crm for small business

CRM For Contract Manufacturing Companies

Contract manufacturing companies can track their field sales teams with OPAL CRM. It  enables the sales representatives with comprehensive sales plans, their goals and maximize incentives.

Opal-crm for small business


From banking to wealth management and capital markets to insurance, OPALCRM enables financial services firms to work cohesively across the front-office, middle-office, and back-office to develop deeper client relationships.

Opal-crm for small business
CRM Applications

CRM for Real Estate

Real Estate is a highly competitive market. Managing your sales pipelines, effective lead management and lead engagement, can lead to successful conversions.

Opal-crm for small business

CRM for Training Institutes

Corporate training institutions, skill-based training institutions and educational institutions, often have a challenge in managing their lead pipeline. OPAL CRM’s Lead Management Software helps these institutions in managing their leads and drive closures.

Opal-crm for small business

Lead Management Process

Tracking leads across their sales journey in your system is now easy. Understand the lead movement across your sales lifecycle, improve processes and increase conversions.


  • Captures lead from a website
  • Leads from E-mail Campaigns
  • Leads from Facebook and Google Ad
  • Campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Subscriptions
  • Free Trails
  • Offline Marketing Campaigns
  • Trade Shows


  • Save Quotations as Draft
  • Submit Quotations for Approval by Manager
  • Reject Quotations for Incorrect entries
  • Modify a Rejected Quotation
  • Approval for submitted quotation
  • Convert a finalized quotation to invoice
  • Trigger e-mail with Invoice asattachment


  • Followup with existing Leads
  • Identify a lead as not interested/looking for offers/dislike etc.,
  • Drop the uninterested leads
  • Re-engage a drop lead with appropriate offers /discounts
  • Identify returning leads as hot and followup to Conversion.


We understand the daily hurdles of Marketing and Sales Team

Lead Capture - Online/Offline channels

Detailed Reports

User Access Management

Rate your Lead and prioritize actions

Lead Conversion


Alerts and Notifications

Manage Lead Files, Quotations, Invoices, Notes

Open for Customization

Mobile App


Invoice Management


Lead Communication Records

Approve and Reject Lead Quotations

Lead Engagement

Easy Integration


Two lines of Code Integration for website,eCommerce...

Visualize Product Lead Interests

API integration for Enterprises


Mobile app camera - Scan the Business Card & App will parse the text and upload as a lead

How is OPALCRM Different

OPAL CRM is focused on helping Sales teams grow and reach their maximum conversion potential. OPAL CRM significantly improves the conversion y helping you to target hot leads and ensuring conversions of the right time. It helps B2C businesses with the tools and Software to track the leads, talk to them and close them towards conversions.


Easy User Interface

Responsive Design

Complete Snapshot of your Leads


Lead Capture

Lead Engagement

Lead Management

Team Management

Quotation Managment


Tour Planning

Track Sales Performance

Re-engage leads



OPAL CRM was designed by a group of passionate Women in Sales. While lead generation was swift as we work closely with our parent company KloudPortal, the lead management itself was a challenge.

We developed OPAL CRM to solve the problem for our sales teams. As we spoke to more and more marketing prospects, we understood that a simple and affordable lead management system was on a need in the market. Since November, 2017, we have been offering OPAL CRM as a SaaS product for public, with a 15 days free trial.

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