Implementation partner acts as the face of your company, they help your software product reach the target audience. A CRM implementation not driven by proper goals and planning can become a pain point rather than yielding profits. Therefore, choosing the right CRM implementation partner is very crucial for your business success. Let us discuss a few of the points to be considered while choosing an implementation partner:

Experience of the partner

Check for how long they have been in the business and specific experience they have in the CRM implementation. They should be aware of the “pain points” of the industry. Also identify if they have client contacts who can become a prospective CRM lead for your business.

Experience in the products

It will be an added advantage if the CRM partner is familiar with the specific CRM solution you want to implement. If they have already implemented CRM software then evaluate the size of those companies and the scope of the projects implemented.

Partners training and knowledge

The staff of implementation partners should be certified. They should receive time to time product/software education from the company. They should be in a position to help desk support and address issues as they arise during and later implementation.

Strategically involved

The synergy between the two companies is of utmost importance as being a partner both our team members and that of the partners should work very closely to achieve the goals. Understanding the team culture and requirements and adopting the same is the vital factor for implementation. Spend some time with the team members and figure out if a particular CRM partner will be a good cultural fit for your company.

Finally, a good implementation partner should be capable to work with your internal team to make sure that the project is delivered within the deadline, budget, and scope of requirements.