A landing page is any web page that a customer may land on, but in the marketing realm, it is typically a standalone page that serves a single, centered function, distinct from the homepage or any other website. A landing page is a follow-up to any promises you have made regarding your content. In fact, it is the next step in being a customer to a tourist. In exchange for your contact information, your landing page lets you make a trade, some kind of special offer, piece of information, or contract.

You can click on the landing pages, which will lead you to another page, such as your e-commerce site, or pages based on lead generation. Usually, lead generation landing pages provide products such as an eBook, free trial, contest entry, or webinar registration in exchange for submitting contact details. A good landing page will do its job by convincing a potential customer that the provision of personal details in return for whatever you have to offer is worthwhile. You should be able to find landing pages via a general search or through your company website, thus increasing the probability that a potential customer will end up there.

There’s no need for you to have just a single landing page or even a single landing page at a time. In fact, marketing experts would likely suggest that you maintain multiple landing pages, targeting segmented customer populations.


Once you do a great job of building your brand and creating a website that would represent it you need to make sure all the hard work is turned into sales. The landing pages are definitely the way to go if you are looking for an effective lead conversion tool. A landing page is an excellent way of driving traffic, improving your SEO, and building your brand.

About 70 percent of B2B businesses use their custom-built landing pages to capture leads for potential conversion. Fortunately for you, 48 percent of these clicks are directed to the home page of your website, which is not a good strategy, as we will discuss. The landing pages will lead your customers to a specific product, service, or deal and promote action. This is your chance to expand your customer base and create conversions.

If landing pages are so important, then why not use them in any business? Yes, there is a myth they are difficult to build and maintain. Fortunately, that is not true, and for creating a successful landing page it is less about flashiness and more about bringing what they are after to the user. For more info, drop an email to contactus@kloudportal.com