The details you can get from the CRM database is a significant resource for your organization. Obtaining real-time details with a touch of a button can help you make the right decisions at the right time. Does your CRM Software give you what you desire?

Opal CRM Solutions are quality providers of Custom CRM Software solutions that support the management and administration of your business. Custom CRM software developers can create a Custom CRM solution designed for your specific requirements. This will be coordinated with your business type, workflow, and industrial sector.

Common uses of Custom CRM:

A Customized CRM tool improves customer relationships and will boost business growth. The information contained in the client management software is spread across multiple departments.

  • Sales: Monitoring the sales activity, organize the sales portfolio, & tracking of follow-up actions.
  • Management: Allocating leads and tasks, observing client status and follow-up activities.
  • Marketing: Target advertising Campaigns Customer services: Support tickets, client surveys
  • Accounting: Detailed overview of inflow/outflow of finances, Client waiting for credit, creating and issuing invoices
  • Custom CRM features:

  • Describe and modify workflow processes, states and actions, start of notifications, approval authorizations
  • Consume any pre-existing database, like MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Built-in data validation, incomplete customer information
  • Allocate roles and user permissions in a secure environment
  • Easily create your own reports and panels
  • Automated data backups.
  • Implement workflow and business logic.
  • Easily integrates with other systems using the BPA platform
  • What are the benefits of custom CRM software?

  • No more error-prone spreadsheets as a database
  • Pay and use CRM segments that are unique to your business
  • Easily add new users
  • Ability to build a secure CRM system for exact business requirements
  • Elasticity to create added applications for different departments.
  • Access applications on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Support the future expansion of the business.
  • Eliminate IT license issues